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Pulmonary Rehab is a multi-disciplinary program for patients with chronic respiratory diseases who are symptomatic and who have a decrease in their ability to participate in daily living activities. Pulmonary rehab is designed to reduce the respiratory symptoms, improve functional status and general well being.

Respiratory (Pulmonary) Rehab is suitable for patients with:-

  • Chronic Obstructive Airways Disease (COAD)
  • Asthma
  • Dyspnoea and/ or fatigue

Our team works closely under the direction of the Rehabilitation Specialist (a Fellow of the Australian Facility of Rehabilitation Medicine or equivalent), in collaboration with you, your GP and other Specialists to achieve a holistic assessment and integrated treatment regime dedicated to minimising the effect of disability. Our multi-disciplinary team works with our patients to help them regain independence and resume their day to day life.

Respiratory rehab is provided by the physiotherapists and/ or exercise physiologists on an individual basis and within small group physiotherapy gym sessions and may also include hydrotherapy sessions. Occupational Therapy and Dietician sessions are also available.